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The Small Print

Know before you go...

Please read these carefully as they set out the terms of the contract that you will enter into when you make a booking with us. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Applicable Law/Jurisdiction

When making a booking, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions listed in this document. In the event of a dispute, the laws of England and Wales shall apply and the English courts shall have jurisdiction.

Arrival and Departure

Weekly bookings run from Friday to Friday, unless otherwise arranged. On the day of your arrival, CLA will be available from 4.00 pm. On the day of departure, you must vacate the property by 10:00 am. We have the right to charge additional fees if these times are not respected.


Once you have booked your stay with us and we have accepted your booking, our agreement is a legal contract and any deposit you may have paid is non-refundable. If you need to cancel, please contact us immediately and confirm it in writing.

If you cancel within 8 weeks of your arrival date, you will remain liable to us for payment of the total cost of the holiday. However, if we are able to re-let the accommodation, all monies paid in excess of the deposit will be refunded, less a 100 euro administration fee plus any shortfall in the rent achieved, taking into account that we may have to discount the rent to secure a booking quickly at short notice.

Cots and High Chairs

We can provide a travel cot with bottom sheet and/or high chair on request.


In the unlikely event that you have any complaint regarding the property, you must inform the property manager within 24 hours, and by email to CLA. Failure to follow this procedure will mean that CLA will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate your complaint and take steps to rectify any issues whilst you were in residence and this may affect your rights under this contract.

Check-out Procedures

Guests are reminded to take care of the following (in the château and atelier) before leaving:

  • Return any furniture, games, toys, kitchen appliances, to their original locations.
  • Discard open food items from the
  • Empty the kitchen garbage, recycling, and
  • Load the dishwasher and start
  • Turn off lights
  • Make note of anything that was broken during your

Guests are responsible for ensuring that CLA is left in the same condition as it was in when they arrived.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control "Force Majeure"

We regret we cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contract with you is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to force majeure. Circumstances amounting to force majeure include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • the failure or interruption of the supply of water, gas, electricity or broadband to the property, the removal of waste water from the property, the breakdown of domestic and mechanical equipment such as heating or plumbing systems, boilers and appliances. In such circumstances, we will take all reasonable steps to reinstate the supply or service or repair any equipment as soon as
  • the breakdown of any equipment or machinery provided or made available to you, adverse weather or local conditions including flood, snow or storm, the inability of any person to deliver or supply goods (including the availability of transportation, food, utilities and other general requirements) for whatever reason, including the difficulty or increased costs in finding workers to provide or deliver such goods and services; and
  • strikes and industrial action, lock-out or labour disputes, natural disaster, acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion, pandemics, sabotage or malicious damage, fire, accidents, keeping to any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, local restrictions or bye-laws, local custom or Acts of

Communication and support

The property managers live on site, in the cottage next door. If the guests have questions or concerns, they should first send a text or WhatsApp message to the property managers at +33 6 77 72 48 54. Please only knock on their door in the case of an emergency.

Damages and Breakages

Please take good care of our property - you are responsible for and expected to take all reasonable care of its furniture, pictures, fixtures, fittings and effects, in or on the property. Whilst we employ housekeepers, guests are expected to leave the property in the same state of repair and in the same tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning, with all bins emptied and all dishes washed.

You are responsible and liable for any breakages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. We do not normally charge for minor breakages, but you will be held responsible for repair or making good if we consider that the damage or breakage is significant, the property is left excessively dirty, pets have been allowed into the house and/or onto furnishings, fouling has not been removed, or the no smoking rule has been ignored.

Please report without delay any damages or breakages, any defects in the property or any breakdown of equipment or appliances. Arrangements for repair or replacement will be made as soon as possible.

All guests are required to pay a security deposit due 8 weeks prior to arrival. If no damages are incurred, this amount will be reimbursed within a week of your departure.


You accept that data gathered during the course of this booking may be held on CLA’s computer. You also accept the terms of our Website Data Protection and Privacy Policy as stated in our website.

Inspection and Maintenance

We or our representatives, shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time for inspection or maintenance, if necessary.


We strongly recommend you take out a travel insurance policy which covers booking cancellations and appropriate personal insurance for your holiday to avoid any loss.


We will provide the party leader with two sets of keys. Please take extra care of your keys. Lost keys incur a replacement fee of 100 euro.


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss, injury, sickness or inconvenience to any member of your party, or any vehicles or possessions belonging to any of them, howsoever caused, nor shall we be liable for any additional expenses incurred by you whether directly or indirectly caused by or arising from any aspect of your booking with is. Under no circumstances shall our liability to you exceed the amount paid by you to us.

No Pets Policy

Please note that CLA has a strict policy of no pets so please do not bring any animals to the property. If a guest arrives with a pet, there will be an indemnity and the pet will have to stay outside the house by day and be kept in the car by night unless this has previously been discussed with the Owners.


We will only cancel your booking if the property becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control. In this unlikely event, we will attempt to offer you alternative dates. However, if this is not possible or unacceptable to you, we will refund all monies paid by you. Whatever the circumstances, our liability to you will not extend beyond a full refund. We shall not be responsible for any consequential loss.


Only the persons listed in the booking request, or notified to us and accepted by us, may stay in the property. The maximum occupancy of the property, as shown in our website, must not be exceeded. Bookings will not be accepted from groups where the party leader is under the age of 25 years, without our prior agreement.

Party Leader

For groups staying at Chateau Les Arcis, the booking guest will assume the role of party leader. The party leader will be responsible for providing complete booking and pre-arrival information, all payments, breakages and cancellation, and must be at least 25 years of age at the time of booking.

The party leader is responsible for the behaviour of the group members and for the safe and respectful use of the accommodation and facilities provided. The party leader must familiarise themselves with the welcome folder on arrival and ensure other group members are also aware of the guidance contained within: in particular guidance around safety. The party leader must ensure that all guidance and booking conditions are adhered to.


Parties and events are not permitted.


All bookings are subject to written confirmation. A deposit is payable at the time of booking of 30% of the total rent. Once the deposit has been paid and the booking has been confirmed in writing by us, a binding contract will exist.

Deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to accept the booking. The full balance and security deposit is due 8 weeks before the arrival day. If this is not received on time, we have the right to cancel the booking and the deposit will be lost. We are not obliged to send reminders. For bookings made within eight weeks of the arrival day, the full rent must be paid immediately. Payments are made in euros.

Property Access

Guests have access to the entire property, except for any rooms or areas that are marked as “Private/Privee”. Guests do not have access to the property manager’s cottage or to the work garage. They should not enter the cottage nor work garage under any circumstances.

Respectful Behaviour

You agree not to act in any way which might cause disturbance to the property managers or any neighbouring properties. If we consider that you have behaved disrespectfully, irresponsibly, or have caused significant damage to the property or the property of others, we are entitled to terminate your rental period immediately without a refund.


It is your responsibility to keep all children and adults at the property safe. Neither CLA nor the Owner will be held responsible for any accident that might occur as a result of you not being vigilant either inside or outside the Property.

  • Pool: Children must be supervised by a responsible adult in the swimming pool at all times. The pool should be kept closed when not in use. We ask that the party leader, or another appointed person, be the sole person responsible for opening and closing the pool.
  • Fireplace: Please take care when using the fireplace, ensuring that it is not left unattended, and that it is put out completely.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the buildings, including the chateau and the atelier. If smoking outside, please use ashtrays and clean up after yourselves appropriately.


Although we do our best to provide excellent Wi-Fi, you're choosing a holiday in a rural location so occasionally you may find it slow and intermittent,

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to obtain all documents required for your holiday, to ensure these are in proper order and to take them with you and to ensure that you have a valid passport if travelling from abroad (note: it must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return) and the necessary visas.

You shall be wholly responsible for all items of property which belong to you and which you have with you during your stay.